Monday, February 15, 2010

Old 100

If this were a television series this would be the benchmark required to go in to syndication and start looking forward to royalty checks for a considerable period of time later in life. Unfortunately this is nothing quite as grand as that. What it is, to me, is significant just the same in that this writing marks the 100th article posted on my blog since its creation last Summer.

When I started writing this I thought I might reflect on the journey thus far but thought, Naah, the world hasn't stopped turning and this is not about earth shattering news or ground-breaking journalism anyway. While the demands of keeping a website up and running have taught me a few basic things that I didn't know before this really is still just about writing about fun things for the fun of it and hoping that someone else takes equal value away from it in some form or other.

So it's my 100th "episode" and I guess I should consider whether I have a particular favorite or maybe outline what lies ahead? Can't and won't! It's hard to pick out one that I really enjoyed writing or remembering although some were perhaps a bit more difficult to write while others simply fell on the page with no trouble at all. I would say that the biggest challenge for me is to not write too much about places I haven't been; it would be torture for me and not fair to anyone else if the message here is only to share the things that I know about personally. That was the reasoning behind the Bucket List - to limit waxing poetic about places not traveled. Otherwise I would probably write something every day about some place I've always wanted to go or something I've always wanted to try!

Likewise, I don't want to show my hand about things to come. I do certainly hope that the writing is getting better as time goes on - I'm almost afraid to look back at some of the earlier stuff already! Plus, if I announce what lies ahead then it commits me to some things that I am currently planning but may ultimately not come to pass. Oh I have barely scratched the surface of the travel related experiences I've been through, believe you me, but new must also be mixed in with the old and each with as fresh an approach as possible, what?

Oh alright, stop badgering me! Some of y'all just don't like surprises, do ya? I'll share this much as far as things still on my list to do and discover, even outside of the Bucket List.... I'd like to ride on the Channel Tunnel! Better yet, maybe Gibraltar at sunset or hike the Torres del Paine National Park.

I'll let you look that last one up.

Gotta go!

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