Friday, July 24, 2009

To Look, To Feel, To Fly Better

There is some serious WORK in getting ready for a vacation! Ugh! Never mind the planning for travel, hotels, cars and restaurants. The activities and sightseeing are also not the biggest problem on the plate and we won’t even go there as far as what to wear. Likewise forget the hardware assessment including camera(s), camcorder, iPod or whether to bring or not to bring the laptop. I’m talkin’ ‘bout just plain getting in SHAPE to go on vacation!!

A vast majority of us spend our workaday lives in the usual routine, work, sleep, eat and sometimes a little play. Oh, and the commute. Childcare, too, for the parents and maybe church if it’s not football season. After several months or even a full year of this we’re more than ready to get away until we look down at the rolling spread we’ve acquired. This one does not include scenic views, a pool and landscaping, it needs body shaping!

I love food. Clearly, food loves me, too. To say that I have a long way to go is to be politely understated and thank you in advance for your discretion. In point of fact the trip itself is just as long – a two week driving and hiking tour of New Zealand that includes three days to relax in Sydney.

Like anybody goes to Sydney just to “relax.” Anyway, there are many reasons to get in shape for this trip, not the least of which are better overall health and being able to walk up a hill without needing oxygen or an airlift off the top of the thing. No, almost everything about this trip is a marathon, starting with simply getting there.

The flights between California and New Zealand or Australia take from 12-15 hours to complete nonstop. Add in the fact that I first have to get to Los Angeles from Dallas which is another three hours in the air, and the whole shebang is in coach. With me so far?

Three goals: to look better, feel better and fly better. I have no intention of being told I don’t fit in to a seat much less being personally uncomfortable for that long. I can’t help being tall but that is the only reason I want the guy who has to six next to me for up to 20 hours cringing in horror. I am not buying a second seat all the way to Oz, that’s for damn sure!

Gotta go!

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